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Sunday 21 April 2024

FNSI April

 Am a bit late posting but have enjoyed finding out what everyone else has been working on. Thanks as always to Wendy for hosting our evening.

Well, not a lot happened here to show I am afraid. I had a list of jobs to do in the afternoon.

Find my 1797 top to prepare backing for quilting was one thing. Not sure where this has got to but I am still looking. However came across my RSC 21/22 Dresden top so that is now top of the quilting pile and I bought backing fabric for it yesterday so that is positive. Also found my Hexathon quilt top from way back when? That just needed a final something in one corner. And of course I was suddenly inspired to add a plain hexagon which I could embroider onto with the title and dates etc. So that was easily done and is now 2nd in the quilting pile - unless I find 1797!

Next up was to sort my bags ready for Saturdays Quilters Guild Regional meeting - a couple of Linus quilts to find plus some show and tell and a sewing kit.

By the time I had done a few other bits and pieces the afternoon was over. So in the evening I worked on my Stitch Journal. Fridays circle was the second in from the right on the bottom row.

After that I just sat back and watched TV!

Had a very enjoyable Saturday at the Regional Day with an excellent talk by Liz Hewitt about her natural dyeing with leaves, rust, mud etc. Lots of beautiful work to look at too. The link will take you straight to the gallery on her web site. Such a lovely lady and more than happy to pass on tips and how toos.

We had a great show and tell too but sorry I didn't get any pictures 😒

What else have I been up to. Well the Stitch Journal continues as you have already seen. Last weekend I made a couple of needle holder magnets from a kit by Sue Hawkins. Cute little strawberries although they do look rather more like cherries I think.

Well, why have I never made these before!! So useful. Just perfect on my quilting frame. So what did I do next - ordered another kit of course. (not sure what happened there but font size has changed)

Anyway, I have now started on my next pair and ordered extra magnets and canvas to have a go at designing my own.

These are called scarlet pimpernel.

I have some RSC to show you but will leave them till next week I think.

Wishing you all a good week from a surprisingly dry and partly sunny Taunton.


  1. sounds like you have been very busy looking through quilt tops and now for finishes?

  2. Cute little needleholders.....pretty and practical. It is amazing what we find when looking for "something else". Sounds like you had a varied and interesting week.

  3. Looks like you had a busy weekend. Dry and sunny is excellent weather. A win all around.

  4. Lots of lovely projects Lin ... those magnet needle minders are so cute!! That lady that dyes with rust, mud, leaves etc sounds just fascinating. I would've loved to have heard her talk - how special. Enjoy the week Lin . xx

  5. Lin, it sounds as if you have unearthed some treasures from your hidey holes. 'Tis amazing how things get lost within a small space. Your stitch journal is looking lovely in those sunny yellows and oh my, such pretty stitches represented. The little strawberry needle holders are cute, and yes, so very handy. I hope you find '1797'....I wonder where's it's hiding??

  6. My God, dear Lin, your work looks so perfect... I want to go there :-))) I now have a feed foot for my sewing machine and now I need a free motion sewing foot... do I ever quilt by hand? I do not know yet. In any case, this is the most original way. And I'm thrilled with it.
    Your little needle holder magnets are wonderful and certainly very practical.
    Have a happy week Lin.

  7. Beautiful stitches in your Stitch Journal.
    Such cute magnet needle holders.

  8. Its annoying when you want to find something and can't...Hope it turns up - but you kept busy anyway!

  9. I’m always so impressed with the variety of projects you have going. I’m looking forward to seeing those quilt finishes. The magnetic needle holders are so cute. Could you explain how they work, please? Do they stick together through the quilt? The scarlet pimpernel reminds me of one that comes up voluntarily every year on the edge of my garden.

  10. Beautiful stitching Lin, the needle holders are perfect for you and made beautifully.

  11. I really like your monthly embroidery stitchery, so pretty and unique! I hope you find your 1797 quilt top but Dresdens sounds like a good one to quilt also. Happy stitching!

  12. Lin, you are so eclectic in what you make, and everything is just lovely! Those needle minders would definitely be handy (and yes, they do look like cherries). Have a lovely week!

  13. what very cute little needle holders, loving the yellow circles too.
    (ps I don't seem to be able to respond to your emails when you comment on my blog, is this just a me problem?)

  14. Well done for sorting out your tops for quilting; something that needs to be done here, not sure how many hiding in my room! I love Sue Hawkins kits, I made one of her needle books while back and use it every day.

  15. You've done a lot! And yes, needleholders turn out to be surprisingly useful - I was converted to their use recently as well!

  16. You were busy on Friday. I enjoy seeing your Stitch Journal and those needle holder magnets are adorable. Those would be great table mate gifts at a retreat. I finally joined FNSI but my update was late. I look forward to next time!

  17. Those yellows are looking great and what a clever little needleholder idea...

  18. It's annoying when you put something safely away and then can't find it. Love your stitch journal abd the needle holders are lovely x


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