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Saturday 6 April 2024

FNWFs April

 A new month means a new RSC colour and that means yellow. So my first hour on Friday afternoon was spent on my Stitch Journal. Circles this month and Fridays circle is the one top right.

I will show you some close ups from last month later in this post.

While stitching I was watching a tutorial about making a zig zag sketchbook from one sheet of paper, easy peasy! So of course I had to have a go. I didn't take any pictures of work in progress but basically what you do is make lots of folds in the large sheet of paper then add some random paint and or script. I went for spirals. Then once dry you make 3 cuts and then fold to make your zig zig book. At three points you get some awkward folds but we were shown how to turn these into pockets and windows before adding the outer covers. So if you are still with me, here is my finished book. I rummaged around and found some spiral printed paper in my stash which was appropriate.

A pocket

and a window

The idea is that you have eliminated 'white page syndrome' and can work into the pages with sketches or collage over anything you don't like. Those splotches were not what I had intended - one side of my paper is very absorbent and instead of being able to swirl that paint around it just soaked in!

Anyway, once I get a larger sheet of paper I shall be repeating this and it was quick, easy and fun.

Next up was my second RSC project and I started on the little embroidery from Jennifer. I got the log cabin strips cut earlier in the week so am all set to go once I finish the embroidery.

And that was my Friday - many thanks to Cheryll for hosting us. Pop over to her blog to see who else took part.

Also this week, a new pair of socks on my needles

and I do love this West Yorkshire Spinners Rum Paradise sock yarn.

Also, as promised some closeups of my March Stitch Journal page now that it has been pressed.

It has been a lovely sunny, if very windy, day here as storm Kathleen passed us by - lets hope she has not done too much damage in the rest of the country.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. I like your yellow embroidery, they're all very pretty. I couldn't follow the directions for the book but I do understand a squirrel project. The sock yarn is very vibrant, I like it! Happy stitching!

  2. Lin, you have been busy. Love that bright wool colour. Your stitched panels look brilliant, all neat and pressed too. Lots of sunshine in Cumbria - hope it lasts. (The storm winds are really battering the garden though.)

  3. Some wonderful projects you are working on there Lin .. you have been busy!! Love the stitched journal pages - they are so effective. I do not quite understand the process for making your book but the end result looks wonderful. I did not know "white pages" was a syndrome. 😉😊

  4. What a fun book, and I love the new socks colour. your stitch journals are just wonderful pieces of art... so much to look at...

  5. That sounds very interesting. I can see that being very adaptable. The yellow circles are going well and the log cabins. What a busy lady!

  6. Love your Journal Stitchery pages and the yellow will look lovely. Your zigzag journal is great....love journals that are handmade. I've only tried accordion style. Your new socks look so pretty xx

  7. Your stitchings are looking great. I hope that yellow brings you some spring weather. Wow! That sock yarn is pretty.

  8. So much work in that stitch journal. Like a written journal one needs to look at everyday carefully as it is so interesting. Love the yellow stitches especially Friday and Saturday stitches. Wow! I couldn't wrap my head around the zigzag sketchbook until I saw the pictures. That is one cool book. I don't mind the splotches; they add a touch of the rougher days of life. Great socks. Enjoy! ;^)

  9. Lin, what an unusual way to make a sketchbook - how very clever!! And socks...do you know that every time I see you knitting socks I am envious. Envious of not living where it's cold enough to wear them. ;-) I can only imagine putting such gorgeous socks on my feet - they truly are eye candy in your posts for me. Ha ha! Everything else is lovely too...a lot of work goes into your monthly stitch journal. Have a wonderful week ahead. :-)

  10. The journal project is very interesting. You chose some beautiful yarn for the socks and your stitching is perfect. Glad that the storm passed you.

  11. your stitching projects are so lovely. great sketchbook!
    Love your sock yarn, the way the colours are appearing in the knitted sock look gorgeous!

  12. Your yellow circles are beautiful, dear Lin :-) and your zigzag book really made me happy. I immediately watched a YouTube video. I will do that too. Thank you.
    I wish you a nice day.
    Hug from Viola

  13. Ooo, so love to see your embroidery, Lin. Lovely stitches. How neat to make a little book...really clever. And I love to see your knitted socks. I am still learning how to manage all those needles during the binding on part...I feel like I'm all thumbs. Hopefully, it gets easier with practice. Anyway, Happy Stitching from me.

  14. You always have some lovely and interesting projects to share.

  15. Oh Lin, just look at your lovely little book. It is so charming and made with love!

  16. Lovely stitch journal idea, so pretty and lots of interesting stitching


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