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Saturday 6 July 2024

FNWFs July

 And we say it every month - where does the time go! As I said to someone this morning, it rushes by because we are enjoying what we are doing, simple as that!

Many thanks Cheryll for organising our evening again - pop over to Cheryll's place to see what everyone was working on.

It was a late night and an early Friday morning for us but Yay!! we have a new government! At long last, well overdue. Nice to be able to vote again and although our party did not win, we did get the MP we wanted who I think will be very good for the area. So all in all a happy day. Watched the new PM arrive in Downing Street and make his first speech at lunchtime and then it was time to sew!

First up my Stitch Journal for the day. We are into Aqua this month - and also going very floral!

That oddity for day 2 is supposed to be cricket stumps! we spent the day at the Somerset County Ground with friends watching the talking all through the cricket. Well we do only meet up with one couple once a year.

Anyway, enjoying my flowers for July.

Just had the toe to knit up on a sock so I got that finished next and all sewn up. I started these way back last winter and then put them aside for a couple of commissions. Nice to have these finished and ready for the winter.

The pattern is Easy Lace Sock by Winwick Mum and uses this yarn in a colourway called Starry Night which is no longer available. I got mine at a bargain price from a local charity shop.

The top picture is the true colour.

So moving on and another night of football meant that I was able to crack on with my RSC log cabins for the month. Although I found I only had one piece of foundation fabric cut so could only do one. I finished the embroidery from Jennifer, pressed it and away I went. I had already cut the strips. My Aqua's do all tend more towards dark and medium but I think they will be OK.

More football tonight so maybe the next two will get done!

Have a lovely week everyone. 


  1. Love all your aqua and teal, happy stitching!

  2. Very pretty designs. Love your socks! They look like they fit really good too.

  3. Lots of pretty aqua's in this post Lin. Love the journal page so far. The socks look great - a dear friend knitted me an gorgeous pair of socks for a recent birthday - I am wearing them today - it is minus 2 here this morning!!
    I know I always say this but .... seeing your blocks always inspires me to start on Jennifers free embroideries that I have copied off. Enjoy the weekend Lin. xx

  4. LOVE the colours in everything for July! And those socks...you honestly show the best sock eye candy ever. Love the new log cabin. :-)

  5. A feast of pretty aqua projects.

  6. So much beautiful blue. I love those threads in your embroidery. The socks look comfy and the RSC log cabin block is very unique with those tiny stitches in the middle. Well done on all projects!

  7. Love your socks nice blue color. And goodluck for wednesday may the best win.

  8. Love your socks, block, and stitched flowers all on aqua. I haven't started rsc yet this month.
    Deana at dreamworthyquilts.blogspot.com

  9. Thats lots of lovely blues ... I do like the idea of the little flowers for this month - fun to go and enjoy the cricket with friends.... Seems to be mixed feelings about the new PM though general consensus change was needed. Lovely socks...

  10. Yes, Yay! indeed. I, too, get a certain amount done when there is cricket or football being watched....!

  11. Lovely flowers your stitching in aqua as well as those cosy socks.
    Nice to catch up with friends at the cricket.


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