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Thursday 18 October 2012

Jack of Hearts MQ, clue no 2 completed

So now I have some hearts!

Going back to the K&S, another exhibition that I enjoyed was Cas Holmes - Urban Nature
http://www.casholmestextiles.co.uk/ I loved her delicate patched and pieced wall hangings using found fabrics, flower outlines and subtle colouring.

The last exhibition that I want to talk about is Color Improvisations, curated by Nancy Crow.
This was an interesting collection of quilts in wonderful colours - I have in my notes that they were aprox. 6'x6'. They were very heavily quilted - some used large swathes of coloured fabric, others were intricately pieced. Have a look at the pictures via their web site.

Enjoyed my day out and came home with plenty of shopping to keep me going over the next few months!

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  1. I love a mystery! Fabrics are wonderful for Jack of Hearts. What a great day at the K&S, I would really have enjoyed the Cas Holmes and Nancy Crow exhibitions. Lucky Lin!

    1. Hello Karen. Thanks for taking a look. The K&S is always a feast - such a lot to take in in a day


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