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Sunday 7 October 2012

Jack of Hearts Mystery - clue No 1

When I signed up for this online Mystery Quilt I had no idea what to expect. My experience of MQ's was limited to the ones I had followed in the Quilter.
So I paid my dollars and within minutes I had a personal email of welcome from the organiser with a list of fabric requirements. I also received a link to a facebook page which I joined.
There are some very dedicated facebook posters out there! Lots of posts of fabric choices and a few people asking questions.
The first 'clue' was sent out on Friday - evening for me - mid day Pacific Standard Time. There were a lot of eager ladies waiting for the clue and when I switched on the computer on Saturday morning there was a stream of posts from MQers who had completed clue no 1 and were showing photographs of their work.
So here is my photograph of Clue No ! - completed!
The next clue arrives next Friday - but I will be in UK enjoying the Knitting & Stitching show! So will have to catch up on my return.

The last I heard 297 people had signed up for the MQ which is wonderful for the little boy and his family who we are supporting. Also MQers from 12 different countries.

Have a good week and happy stitching


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  1. You got some beautiful fabric there. This MQ sounds interested. But how was the Knitting and Stitching show in UK. It is a dream of mine to go there some day :-)


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