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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Knitting & Stitching Show 2012

Had a great day out at the K&S last Friday - my annual treat of all things stitch. As always the best time to visit to avoid log jams in the aisles is the first hour and after about 3pm! I spent the morning wandering round the various exhibitions - collections of very different techniques and styles.
Here are a few notes of things that particularly appealed to me. No photographs - I don't take may camera as so many people do not allow photographs.
Reveal: unfolding stories
A lovely collection of work but I especially loved Jennie Merriman's mobile made from perspex and clear plastic clips.

Ann Small and Sue Walton - Jaberwocky
A very surreal exhibition based on the works of Lewis Carroll. Ann's Queen of Hearts costume was magnificent but close up you see her use of bones as 'beads' which I find disturbing and also her small figures using bones.
Sue's tea party where cutlery is decorated to form dolls was more to my taste and I loved her chandelier made from decorated upturned small wine glasses hanging from a wrought iron frame.

4 x 4
Margaret Talbot http://www.easttextile.co.uk/Margaretpage1.html exhibited a peice of work aprox 2' x 3'. Very heavily stitched and then appeared to have been painted with pearlescent pigments in greens purples blue rust and deep pink.
A very large Gilda Barron - typically Gilda - but with a very heavy, dark sky.http://www.gildabaron.com/
Some beautiful pieces by Delia Pusey http://www.easttextile.co.uk/Deliapage1.html
But I particularly loved a piece by Christine Rollitt called Threads of Time which consisted of 4 small panels in neutral fabrics incorporating snippets of childrens hair, cards, notes, tickets etc which were trapped behind sheer fabrics. http://www.christine-rollitt.com/image.php?id=74

Anglia Textile Works: Theme and Variations  http://www.angliatextileworks.co.uk/
A super collection of work - I especially liked Annette Morgans pieces based on seed and flower heads, Sara Impeys words and Janice Gunners piece 'Kumo' - indigo and deep red dyed fabric with quilted cobwebs.

02 Textiles: Curiouser and Curiouser .... and Curiouser
I loved Zoe Cox's work based on butterfly wings

These pieces of embroidery are aproximately 1 1/2" square and amazingly detailed.
http://www.02textiles.co.uk/Images/KnitStitch2012/index.htm Elizabeth Taylor's - Was it the Mushrooms we ate for Dinner was another favourite piece.

More tomorrow as I am running out of battery!

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