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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lampshades & Hockney!

Covering a lampshade is not something that I had ever thought that I would tackle but there I was this afternoon with the rest of my textile group doing just that. Our excellent teacher Faith guided us patiently through the different steps and hey presto! a lampshade was made.
Here it is in place and ready for use when I go to bed! The fabric I bought years ago for a Quilters Guild challenge, but I never felt inspired to use it,  so it has languished in the cupboard. However, the design seemed to echo the geometric print on the lampbase and it proved to be just perfect.

When the group last met in the summer we set ourselves the challenge of producing a piece of work in the style of David Hockney and today we revealed our pieces of work.
I decided that I would make a journal quilt and this is the result.
Obviously it is A4 in size. I collaged together various photographs of sunsets taken from our terrace 
'a la Hockney' and then printed the result on to Evolon. At the time I was thinking about using a fleece to back my Rainbow Log Cabin and so to trial the fleece I used it to back the Evolon. I then free machine quilted the sky with a variegated thread and the trees and hedge with a black thread.
 The fleece works well and gives a lovely soft backing but it did not glide through the machine quite as well as I had expected. However, I am very pleased with the result.
Next challenge - Monet!

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