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lundi 9 décembre 2013

A good read

No sewing done this afternoon! After another frosty, sparkly morning it was so warm and sunny outside - 20degrees C on our terrasse that I just had to sit in the sun and enjoy it. Sorry I have not taken any pictures!

 So I finished a very good book. Miss Garnet's Angel by Salley Vickers. It is a lovely story about a lady who retires to Venice and it loosely parallells the story of Tobias and The Angel. I loved this book and would recommend it.

Now I am watching yet another beautiful sunrise form outside my window which means we shall have another frosty morning tomorrow.

Have a good week


6 commentaires:

Judy a dit…

Well that sounds like a grand way to spend the day! Seeing the sunrise/sunset, especially when it's vibrant, just adds to the day doesn't it? It was -2 this morning here with snow on the ground :-)
Have a great week,

Sarah Jane a dit…

This is SW France at its wintry best don't you think. I have been tidying up my sewing space and hope to get down to some serious sewing before too long but we have to enjoy the sun too! Have a good week.

Accroquilt a dit…

Lucky girl! Here, in Montreal, we will have today 15 cm of snow and maybe some ice tonight.

Bev C a dit…

Hello Lin,

Enjoy your lovely weather. Thanks for the book title too.

Happy days.

Maria a dit…

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day, Lin :-)

Susan a dit…

Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon relaxing in the sun. I love reading so I will go the library and check this out after I finish Jackie Colins confessions of a Wildchild. Hope you have lots more afternoons like this. :)