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Tuesday 24 December 2013

The trip so far ...

...has been wet and very windy at times, although we have had some lovely sunshine too.

We arrived in a damp Roscoff where we stayed overnight and spent the next day exploring some of the coast.

We visited one small village where I found this lovely seahorse gazing out to sea.

There was no information about it, no inscription on the base but I was intrigued to see that the yin yang symbol had been carved into the centre of the curved tail on one side.

Further along we found this little chapel nestling behind the sand dunes - again sadly there was no information about it, not even a name and it was shut.

Meanwhile the wind was building up

so that by the time we got on the ferry in the evening it was quite choppy! and the sailing was delayed by a few hours. How ever we still made it on time to Plymouth (evidently the ferry has to go faster when it is rough) and on to the cottage in Taunton which is to be our home for three weeks.

It is tradition that when we visit Philip's daughter in Barnstaple that we spend a day at Lynton and Lynmouth on the north Devon coast.
First we visit Lynton and the excellent craft centre there which is great for individual and unusual last minute presents. After a look around the shops and especially the charity shop which has a large stock of paperbacks we go down to Lynmouth for lunch. The Rising Sun  is to be highly recommended for it's delicious food and warm welcome. If the weather and tide permit then a walk along the beach is next or a wander around the small town. We always visit the studio of Maurice Bishop an old friend of Philip's from school to see what he is painting. At the moment it is very unusual rainbow coloured trees and animals which don't yet feature on his web site.

Lynmouth was devasted by floods in 1952 following heavy rain causing the two rivers which meet there to rise.

As you can see it was not the nicest of days weather wise!

Yesterday England was swept by strong winds and rain and sadly some peoples Christmas has been ruined by floods and storm damage.
We walked into Taunton this morning as we did yesterday and found that the park that we walk through was closed due to flooding.

We found a way around and into the town which was buzzing. The sewing shop I visited had no power but they were soldiering on and I came away with a large bag of supplies to take back to France.

Now to the kitchen to make sausage rolls and mince pies - and a large fish pie to feed hungry visitors this evening. I shall be listening to Carols from Kings later on as I work.

Wishing you all and your families a very happy and peaceful Christmas.



  1. Hi Lin It looks lovely where your staying. Sad about the floods and the people its affected. Have a very merry Christmas and a fab new year. :)x

  2. Merry Christmas Lin! Thanks for sharing the scenic photos with us. I'm sorry to hear about the flooding. I hope that the rain eases off so that you can have some sunny days on your vacation. Best wishes for your new year.

  3. Always love seeing pictures of your travels,
    Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a crafty new Year.
    Enjoy your Christmas feast.

  4. Take care, weather can definately be unpredictable. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. Oh you brave soul, crossing the channel in this weather!! Glad to hear you are safe, it sounds like it has been really bad. We had rain and high winds yesterday and last night, but nothing like Northern France and Southern England. Have a good time and Merry Christmas! xx

  6. How beautiful! I love the seahorse.


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