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Friday, 6 December 2013

Clean Studio part two!

It's just that I forgot to show you my postcard wall yesterday when I did the post on my clean workspace. Here it is

it is just behind my desk by my left shoulder. I love my collection of postcards from round the world. The two latest postcards in my collection are not up there yet - they are still taking pride of place on my dresser!

I heard today that the postcard I sent to my lovely friend Judy has arrived safely. Here it is

How I forgot to keep a picture of it I will never know so I am very grateful to Judy for sending me this one.
I loved making this card - some of my dried albizia flowers were bonded to evolon that had been coloured with painted bondaweb and then was covered with a sheer fabric. I then spent a couple of peaceful evenings hand stitching around the flowers with a variegated thread.

Do you love quirky buttons? I do. Why not pop over to Cathy's blog where she is giving away some gorgeous ceramic buttons.


Have a good weekend.



  1. I've so enjoyed seeing where you sew! You have a lovely (and tidy) space. It makes me think I should show mine - maybe in the new year (it'll take me that long to clean up!)

  2. Hi Lin Love the post card and I'm impressed you have finished all your Christmas projects with time to spare. Thanks also for sharing your studio space very neat and tidy. You mentioned your sketchbooks would love to take a peak through those I adore seeing inside other peoples sketch books. X:)

  3. Love how you display your postcards and the card you sent Judy is stunning !

  4. Your postcard is beautiful and it's lovely that you display them all.

  5. Oh you swap pastcards!? We should do that - paper or fabric?

    let me know if you are intersted. : )

    ~Monika in Canada


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