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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Wisteria and my first giveaway!

During our first spring here in France, 18 years ago, I fell in love with the beautiful swathes of wisteria flowers that I saw everywhere. I acuired a wisteria plant from a reputable source and eagerly planted it in a suitable position. It thrived and bushed out and still is bushing out all over the place but never a flower has been seen!

Six or seven years ago a friend gave me a tiny seedling that she had grown from wisteria seeds collected from her own wisteria. I planted it in a dubious position, watered it irregularly and slowly it struggled to climb the wall. Three years ago I was surprised to see that this straggly plant  had a few flowers on it! Since then it has thrived and this year we have this magnificent (to my eyes) display of flower.

 A long way to go yet to the magnificent displays that I see all around but I am just so pleased to see this flower.

Glycines is the French word for wisteria - I am not sure why but it feels right, and it's a word I always remember.


A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 100th post and wanted to celebrate with a giveaway to thank my loyal readers, and which I am now going to link to my 60th birthday on May 3rd!

I have this Jacobs Ladder envelope bag to give away and inside there will be a few little surprises.

If you would like to win this bag - and I am happy to ship anywhere - then please leave a comment below. I shall employ Mr RNG on May 3rd to choose a winner.

The sun is shining here this morning and it promises to be another beautiful day - I hope it is where you are.

Lin xx


  1. Your wisteria is looking wonderful! I have one too but I can take no credit for it - it was here when we moved nearly 30 years ago ! my flowers are only just starting to come out though, yours is way in front!
    Congratulations on 100 posts and happy birthday for May 3rd!!

  2. your wisteria is beautiful. My sil used to have one that totally covered her carport. It was magnificent in full bloom, all those little waterfalls of soft mauve. Enjoy.
    what a beautiful little bag, such rich fabrics.well done on reaching two milestones!
    hip hip hooray!!

  3. Wisteria, lovely. This morning we were (me and my sister in law) admiring this plant on our morning walk, but we did not know the name. Thank you so much for sharing this picture, it is a beautiful plant. I do like your envelope bag, so very pretty fabric. Thank you for the opportunity to win. And congratulations on your 100 posts.

  4. I adore wisteria and when we moved in to my last home in England I was thrilled to see one in the garden. Each year I eagerly anticipated the flowers but nothing and then the last spring before we moved to America it flowered. I was overjoyed and sad, I'd waited 12 years for those flowers and wouldn't see them again. I've loved seeing your wisteria flowers this morning, you've brought back lots of happy memories for me. Lovely bag and a big happy birthday to you for the 3 May :D

  5. I love wisteria and would so love to have one growing on a gazebo or a trellis...sigh. I have heard they are somewhat temperamental just like the trumpet vine. We planted a trumpet vine many years ago and it didn't flower for seven years and now you can't stop it:)

    Your give away is absolutely gorgeous and congratulations on your 100th post and on your upcoming birthday.

  6. I love wisteria! We used to cycle through the country in Alabama and there was this one section of the road that was filled with hanging wisteria. The scent was divine! Yours are putting on a lovely show. I hope that you have a wonderful 60th birthday! Congrats on your 100th post.

  7. Oh your wisteria is gorgeous , such a pretty flower and color . Happy Birthday to you and I am very glad I have become a follower of your lovely work . Your giveaway is lovely , congrats on 100 posts !

  8. Hello Lin,

    Congratulations on getting the Wisteria to flower, the bees will love you for it. Well done on 100 posts and Happy Birthday for your 60th.

    Such a pretty purse to match the wisteria too.

    Happy days.

  9. I love wisteria and isn't it typical that a cared for plant fails to flower where a neglected one shines through!
    Well done on 100 posts and an early Happy Birthday to you too.


  10. I've only ever see Wisteria in pictures. Yours is looking wonderful and must be so beautiful to see. Your posts and pictures are terrific! Congratulations on your 100th one. Happy early Birthday :)

  11. I love wisteria but it's not typically hardy in minnesota. Your little bag is so lovely. MIght you post a tutorial on how you made it?

  12. Wisteria is a gorgeous flower, congrats ! Happy Easter. XXX

  13. Hi Lin, Congratulations hun on your 100th post and many happy returns for your 60th birthday. X :)


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