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mardi 1 avril 2014

March Birthday Stash

It's time again to link up with Wendy and show you the things I have made this month for my birthday stash.

A little while ago Sheila shared a link to make a little patchwork basket which I thought was delightful and so I have now made a couple for my stash!

I am sorry, these pictures are a little on the dull side!

If you would like to make one yourself then here is the link to the Pink Penguin blog and tutorial.

I have another four cut out and ready to sew - one of them is for me!!

Right, must go - have been away for the weekend and there is lots to do.


8 commentaires:

Mary Ann a dit…

Very pretty baskets...you used such lovely fabrics:)

Caroline Heinrichs a dit…

Such cute bag/boxes, thanks for sharing Lin!

Susan a dit…

Hi Lin wow what a great little projects those baskets are. X:)

Maria a dit…

Lovely baskets, Lin!

marina a dit…

very sweet little baskets.
they will be lovely additions to the gift box..

ayumills a dit…

Beautiful baskets! Glad you enjoyed making them!

Sheila a dit…

Wonderful Lin , love the fabrics you chose , aren't they fun to make :-)

Paula a dit…

WOW they are so pretty, and I love your fabric.