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samedi 19 avril 2014

Happy Easter!

Seen at St Emilion earlier this week.

Seen in my garden today while I was eating my lunch.

Isn't this hoopoe gorgeous!

Have a lovely weekend.


6 commentaires:


Hello Lin. Truly beautiful photos. Happy Easter to you and your family. Hugs judy

Gill a dit…

I love the hoopoe - I've only seen one once before, in Portugal !

Egléa Senna a dit…

Que pássaro lindo! Que lindo jardim!
É uma benção ter passaros nos nossos jardins.
Um abraço!
What a beautiful bird! What a beautiful garden!
It is a blessing to have birds in our gardens.

Sheila a dit…

Lovely photos ,a beautiful bird ! Happy Easter :-)

Bev C a dit…

Hello Lin,

You live in such a beautiful area, lucky to have those old buildings to look at. Love your little garden visitor.

Happy Easter.

Sunnybec a dit…

I love Hoopoe ..... until they start screeching!! We get them on our garden too. Where has all the lovely weather gone, sheesh want to go away but its flipping cold again. xx