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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A New Orchid in the Garden

Why this orchid has suddenly appeared in our garden I have no idea! However, it is lovely to have found one and we will appreceite it while it is here.

It is a Fragrant Orchid - Gymnadenia conopsea and stands about one foot high.

It is a pretty, delicate pink against the strong colour of all our Pyramidal orchids.

We also have a lot of bee orchids this year - this one is the normal colour

But I also found this paler version today. It looks white in the picture but is actually a very very pale pink.

The temperature is creeping up here again today - I am looking forward to a day at the coast tomorrow.

Lin xx


  1. They are all so pretty Lin, and ever so dainty! Gorgeous pic...

    And your postcards in the previous post are amazing... very creative & artistic...

  2. wow, I would be most happy to have orchids in my yard. The tulips I planted two years ago survived the harsh winter and looked lovely. Now to find some annuals to add more colour.

  3. Lindas orquideas! Elas são bem diferentes das que tenho aqui!
    Um abraço!
    Beautiful orchids! They are quite different from what I got!

  4. Hi Lin Do the Orchards self seed or have you planted them yourself X:) Either way, they are gorgeous flowers.

  5. those are all so pretty...

  6. That's so wonderful that you have orchids just growing outside in your garden. The only kind we have here are one's you buy in a pot. I have one that I bought last year and am so pleased that it's bloomed twice now for me. Lovely orchids Lin :)

  7. How lovely to have orchids in your garden!
    Enjoy your day at the seaside.


  8. What beautiful flowers...and the photos you took of them are lovely :-)

  9. What a lovely gift from nature , the orchids are gorgeous !

  10. That's interesting that one would grow just in the field like that. Thanks for sharing the lovely flowers with us. Enjoy your day at the coast!

  11. So beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen a bee orchid before - what an interesting thing it is! xCathy


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