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Friday, 27 June 2014

Looking back and ATC's

Two years ago I published my first blog post! Well, it was not much of a post as all I put on was this picture of my Peace River II quilt.

No words! How odd, but one lovely person managed to find me and became my first follower.

I must say that I sometimes still struggle with how blogger works - like for instance I would love to have a 'signature' at the bottom of my post like an email but can not find how to do this. I shall probably find out when looking for something else!


And so on to ATC's. In my last post I showed you the lovely little ATC that Susan sent me and I had promised to send her one too. With our pomegrantes now flowering they reminded me of the pomegranate project I did a while ago 'A Year in the Life of a Pomegranate'. I took photographs over a year of the pomegrante bud and flower through to the following year when there were still pecked out pomegrante skins on the tree.

This pomegranate spent the winter in my fruit bowl and dried out like a gourd.

I remember loving the colours of this and this zoomed in picture with it's bit of sparkle.

I did a lot of work based on these colours.

Thinking about this project again I remembered a recently re-discovered Stef Francis thread pack I had come across while re-organising my threads and decided that now was the time to use it!

Also in the pack was some dyed scrim which, when ironed onto pelmet vilene with bondaweb made the perfect base for the stitching that I planned. Fun time! Using various machine threads and the few embroidery stitches that my basic Bernina has I covered the piece with stitching and couched threads ending up with this.

Which was then cut, trimmed and edged to produce these.

My original intention was to add some hand stitch or beads but once they were cut I decided that they looked great just as they were.

Susan - yours will be in the post tomorrow! If anyone else would like to swap ATC's then I have three more ready to go.

Hope you all have a great weekend - it's going to rain here!

Lin xx


  1. Hi Lin... well done on your two years of blogging!... the atc's are very pretty, love those colours

  2. Hi Lin. Bon Blogiversaire! Is that a word?
    Erin has added a tutorial for making pretty signatures to her series on "beautifying your blog" here: http://www.sewathomemummy.com/2014/05/beautify-your-blog-week-7-footers.html

    I've bookmarked it it to try when I get a moment.

  3. Your Peace River II quilt is gorgeous. I love those colours. I love your ATC's they are a beauty. About the signature somebody told me you scan your signature to your computer and save it as a jpeg. I have never tried it.

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous and I love your ATC cards . I have also wanted to add a signature but had no clue how to do this . I still have lots to learn as far as blogging goes :-)

  5. Congrats on your 2 years of blogging, Lin! Your quilt is beautiful...love those colours :-) Love what you have been doing with your playing with those beautiful threads.

  6. Hi Lin, oooo! they look fab. Looking forward to receiving mine. I agree the colours and textures on the pomegrante are amazing lots of inspiration. congrats on your two years of bloging X:)

  7. Your sewing is so fun... and such great ideas...
    I added a signature some time ago and can't remember it all but followed a tutorial... if I can do it so can you... just google a tutorial...

  8. Hi Lin just to let you know I got your gorgeous ATC love the colours so true to the pomegrante theme. Thank you for trading X;0

  9. Hi Lin, Your Peace River quilt is beautiful and I would love to do an atc swap if you still have any left to trade. Having your own pomegranate tree! Wonderful.


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