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Monday, 24 November 2014


.. are definitely NOT my thing!

Here are the two that I have completed

Flutterby and Fish. Perfectly nice, nothing wrong with them but I did not enjoy making them one bit!

So I have one copy of this book

to give away. Thirty lovable little animals waiting to be crocheted and loved! If this is your thing then please leave a comment saying that you would like this book. Should more than one person want it then I shall ask Mr RNG to adjudicate. Happy to post anywhere.

Normal service will soon resume!


  1. I think they are lovely - I could definitely convince my mother-in-law to make some for Mia!

  2. They do look sweet but I'm happy for Jennie to have the book - I have such a long list of to-do's but will hopefully give them a try ONE day!

  3. hi Lin I think Amigurumi's are cute but I don't want you book, however a great give away to who ever recieves it. I had to teach myself to crochet last year and I made two little bunnys and a Owl. I think you have done a great job X:)

  4. Well done on persevering with them Lin - they look great - I can't crochet at all, so I'm not putting my hand up for the book...

  5. They are adorable Lin but I don't think it is something I would enjoy making either .

  6. Yes I agree. They are very cute, but I don't crochet. If noone else had spoken for it I would have said yes please and given it to a friend who does crochet, but please give it to Jennie.

  7. They did turn out so cute. I already have several similar books and not in a rush for another. At some point I do plan to try making some of these cute little guys.

  8. Even though you didn't enjoy crocheting them you did a great job as they both look very cute :)


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