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Saturday, 22 November 2014

FNSI for November

Thank you once again Wendy for hosting a great evenings sewing.

I started in the afternoon with work on this little Amigurumi fish.

I am not enjoying doing these at all and will be glad when this one is finished!

My next pleasurable activity of the day was making my mincemeat ready for Christmas. A simple task of weighing and mixing with the delicious smells of spice and brandy.

Here it is ready for it's overnight soak - I put it all into jars this morning.

And so on to the evenings sewing and I was working on my Autumn crazy block.

Specifically I was adding the blackberries, leaves and flowers.

Not far to go on this one now and I am starting to think about sashing fabric to hold the blocks together.

You may have noticed a new button up there on the left of my blog. It is for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2015 and I have committed to making an 8" crazy block a month next year! Well I do need a project to keep me focused. At the moment my plan is to base each block on a different colour or colour scheme for instance my first one will be black/grey/white. Other themes I am thinking of are pink and orange, purple with a hint of yellow and turquoise. Nothing to do with being my favourite colours of course!

Hope you all had a good evenings sewing.


  1. Hi Lin you mince looks delicious also loving how the crazy patchwork and beautiful embriodery is coming along. X:)

  2. those blocks are stunning and the mincemeat looks so yummy

  3. That mincemeat looks delicious and as usual, your embroidery/blocks look wonderful! Signing up for a crazy block a month is a great way to motivate yourself and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Your block is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see your monthly 2015 blocks!

  5. You really fit a lot in on your Friday night sewing! I love the mincemeat too. Too bad you're not enjoying the amigurumi fish as he's a cutie.
    Your crazy quilt is gorgeous. What detail and amazing stitching you are doing. You're very talented. Have a great weekend!

  6. Love the way your block is coming together and the mince looks Devine :)

  7. Lin your mincemeat looks so yummy I can almost taste it 😊 Your embroidery crazy block is simply gorgeous , wow is all I can say !

  8. will the mince go into tarts?
    your embroidery is so amazing. I love looking at all the different stitches you ahve on your blocks.
    they are stunning.
    I am looking forward to following your journal project for next year too. I am sure it will be stunning.

  9. your Christmas mincemeat looks just delicious..... and sweet little fish to drive you mad!!! ha

  10. I admire your crazy blocks and would be at your home to taste the Christmas mincemeat !

  11. I've popped over from FNSI and so glad I did. The fish is so cute and as for the crazy quilt block...WOW!!!

  12. I'm here from FNSI..... I just love the blackberry bush with the flowers and berries....my real bush is just delivering up ripe berries now ( I'm in Australia). I had always hoped to get to France .....perhaps one day, so you may see me popping in a bit more often lol

  13. Hello Lin,

    I will be around for a mince pie soon, the mix looks so yummy. I can see why you didn't enjoy the little crochet fish, so tricky to do. What are you planning to do with it?
    My goodness the stitching looks good enough to eat, the berries look so real. Have fun getting your blocks ready for next years project.

    Happy days.

  14. What lovely ribbon berries - one day soon I shall get round to having a go! Sorry to hear that tiny crochet isn't for you but at least you know that now ;)


  15. Ohh some yumminess in this post! Love the smell of Christmas mince, good on you for being nice and organised! Your Amigurumi fish looks cute - are they quite fiddly, I've never made one but am tempted? Love your crazy block too, the colours are gorgeous and your detail is beautiful!

  16. Gorgeous work on the crazy quilt!

  17. Your autumn block is just stunning! It seems incredible to be thinking about projects for 2015 (I'm doing that too) - where did 2014 go??? I shall look forward to seeing your new year of crazy blocks!


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