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Thursday 20 November 2014

TAST and the Death's-head Hawk-moth

The latest two TAST stitches from Pintangle are 138 and 139 Barb stitch and Beaded Barb stitch.

Here is my quick sample.

This is a simple stitch - just two back to back rows of buttonhole which are then whipped together - but with lots of possibilities for variations and decorating.


Do you remember my pictures of the Death's-head Hawk-moth?

When she died, which they do at this time of year, we took her to a friend who had volunteered to set her out. Earlier this week we went to collect her and here she is in all her glory.

Beautifully boxed and labelled.


We had a sudden storm last weekend and I managed to get some photographs.

This was during the storm with the promise of some sun to come afterwards.

And this one later across the valley looks like smoke from a huge fire!

I have been sewing too - some of it secret stuff though! I have finished this pincushion from the Gail Pan Christmas book which I can show you.

And there will soon be more pictures of my Autumn crazy block which is coming along nicely.

Have you been following the Sew Sisters Canada Blogathon? If not then do go and have a look. There are some fantastic fabric giveaways all of which can be shipped internationally and, of course, lots of lovely blogs to read and new people to meet.

And finally - tomorrow night is Friday Night Sew In!

There is still time to sign up - just pop over and see Wendy to do so.

See you there.


  1. Oh, that moth!! It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm envious. Now that's a sweet little pincushion. One can't have enough. May I pin it to my pinterest board? The Canadian blogathon is so much fun. But it causes me to spend way too much time on the computer instead of at the sewing machine!! I participated on Tues. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for turning me on to TAST! First I have heard of it but I am have COMMITTED! I love embroidery. Are you doing yours on a sampler?

  3. I couldn't get over the caterpillar...wow. My husband collects moths and butterflies. He was jealous:) Sew Sisters is about 10 minutes or less from me and I visit them often.

  4. I've done plenty of buttonhole stitches and really like the idea of putting 2 back to back with a whip stitch. Very nice Lin. How great that is that you were able to have the hawk moth mounted. Looks super! Your pincushion looks lovely too. Enjoy the Friday night sew in :)

  5. your stitches looks great.. how impressive is that moth and a great way to keep looking at it....
    great pincushion....

  6. Very interesting stitches Lin , love it ! Oh that moth is incredible , so beautiful and what a great idea to have it boxed to enjoy 😀 your pincushion is just sweet and I have been enjoying the blogathon , so many great blogs to discover .

  7. Lindos bordados!
    A mariposa ficou ótima neste quadro. Mais uma vez me admirei do seu tamnaho. É incrível!
    Fotos fantásticas!
    Um abraço!

    Beautiful embroidery!
    The moth was great in this picture. Again I admired his tamnaho. It's incredible!
    Fantastic photos!

  8. Hello Lin,

    The possibilities with the stitching is amazing. Golly that moth looks great, still can't believe how big it was in the cocoon. Your storm pictures reminded me of the hot pools in Rotorua, New Zealand.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Happy days.

  9. I love what you did with the moth. I've never seen a caterpillar that big before - amazing.


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