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dimanche 30 novembre 2014

TAST 140 Threaded Cable Chain

This is the last TAST for this year. Thank you very much Sharon of Pintangle for this series, it has certainly made me try a few new stitches.

The top row shows the normal Threaded Cable Chain.
In the second row I have made elongated chains and links.
In the third row I have threaded the link rather than the chain and then filled the chains with beads.

I like this stitch very much especially the richness of the third row.

I hope that Sharon will continue this series in the new year, meanwhile I have a lot of stitches to catch up on!

1 commentaire:

Judy a dit…

It's interesting to see the embroidery stitches that you've been trying. I think my favorite is the third one with the addition of the beads. Have a great weekend!