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Thursday 26 May 2016

EPP Tuesday!

Having been without a computer for several days last week, this week we have been without an internet connection off and on. So I am hoping to get this post written before it disappears again!

So here I am hopefully linking up with Anthea at Hibiscus Stitches as we Piece Ourselves Together. Thank you Anthea.

First an update on my hexie table topper which is now complete

and residing on top of my freshly painted chest of drawers.

In her last EPP post Anthea mentioned a new stitch along that was being organised by Barbara Brackman. Out of curiosity I visited Barbara's blog Material Culture
and read about the Morris Hexathon. Well of course, one look and I was hooked! Now as you know this is my Year of the UFO with no new large projects LOL. Well, I lasted 5 months and here I am with a new large project.
Anyway, back to the Hexathon. For 26 weeks Barbara is going to release the pattern for a large hexagon a week each linking in some way to William Morris. The finished hexagons are 8 1/2" across with 4" sides. On her blog Barbara is showing the hexagons being made with beautiful William Morris inspired fabric. Now I would love to have bought some of this fabric but my stash was saying noooo! Then I remembered this lovely collection of Kona solids which I won a couple of years ago and have been saving for a special project.


So this was my first hexagon called Westminster Star.

Well that was easy I thought - I wonder if I could make a smaller version using 1" diamonds? So I did.

So of course now that is waht I am doing with them all. The other blocks so far are Crystal Palace


Right, I am posting this before our connection goes again!


  1. Hi Lin, your table topper looks great.

    Your collection of Kona fabric is so pretty, warm and tender. Perfect for your Hexathon blocks. I do like your blocks.

  2. Congrats on the table topper. It is just gorgeous! It's so hard to resist starting a new project when there is so much going on in blogland. You will have a very beautiful quilt with those colours. One for the bed and one for the wall! Enjoy! ;^)

  3. Lin,

    What a lovely surprise to see your solid colors EPP stars etc. I've become stuck on making EPP stars and need some help? I'm trying to start the Gardens of the King by MIssy Carpenter, who did it all in wool and blanket stitch.

    My stars pieces are much smaller than yours, but the two I've made have turned out nasty, with the centers not looking nice at all. I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

    It would be wonderful to see a tutorial on how you make stars etc? Do you do in sections?
    I know how to make hexies lovely, just need a little help the further EPP.


  4. Your table topper is so gorgeous and I agree the solid fabrics are perfect for the new project, they are stunning!!

  5. Oh Lin my friend, you make me smile! Five months is good going, in resisting new projects - but I can see already that you're loving the Hexathon - fabulous fabrics - & I love your idea of making a smaller block too!
    I look forward to seeing your progress & thanks for linking up

  6. Love the hexi table topper. It looks so nice on the dresser. I smiled when you have taken on another project. You won't regret it, your hexagons are absolutely beautiful - they sparkle with those fabrics.

  7. I love the look of your Morris EPP in solids, gives it a fresh contemporary feel - great colours.

  8. Your hexie runner is gorgeous and the new hexie blocks are fantastic in the solids , those tiny ones are so cute . I have done lots of hexies but never these other shapes .

  9. Oh Lin, I just love your little table topper! And your following pictures are definitely giving me ideas!! Beautiful work as usual. Now, I am hitting 'publish' before our connection goes! The joys of living in the middle of nowhere, I think, at least for us! xCathy

  10. your runner is so pretty ... I love the Morris Hexathon idea....

  11. Hi Lin love the hexi topper very spring pastel colours so fresh and pretty. Good luck with the new project well the two new projects looking forward to following their progress. x:)

  12. Oh, Lin, this looks like something I'd like, too! And like you, I've been trying so hard to resist anything new! That said, I DO need a new "to go" project, as my afghan has gotten way too large to tote around! Thanks for the heads up! XO

  13. How beautiful!!! Love the solids - which reminds me I have a drawer full, just waiting!

  14. I love how your table topper turned out! And great fabric choices on your new project-I like the vibrant violet against the yellow, that looks great.

  15. This is so pretty with the pastel colours - really must do something with all my mini hexies.

  16. I like the plain colours in both sizes of blocks........


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