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Thursday 5 May 2016

Throwback Thursday

It is a while since I linked up with A Quarter Inch From the Edge and

but here I am today with a real blast from the distant past!

In the mid 1980's I had a fabulous holiday in Tunisia touring in a small bus with around 20 French people. This bit was a shock as, having booked and flown from Italy we had expected to be with Italians! Having been living in Italy for nearly three years we had some Italian but spoke hardly any French.

We started in Tunis and visited the coast and the desert, salt flats and film sets - oh yes, and lots of Roman ruins! Of course we were taken to shops and markets selling local crafts and in one place we saw some amazing flat weave rugs which immediately shouted 'patchwork' to me.So I bought a postcard showing some of the designs

and when I got home I turned some of those patterns into a design for a quilt.

And here is the finished quilt

and a view of the border.

Not brilliant photos I am afraid as they are actual photographs - not digital - and I no longer have the quilt.

All hand pieced and hand quilted.

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Happy stitching.


  1. Now that is one way to remember your vacation! It's such a great idea to have grabbed postcards not only for reference, but for memories! This is pretty cool...well done!

  2. That postcard offers a LOT of inspirations. Love how you translated the postcard into quilt format. Hand pieced too. WOW! Do you remember how long it took to make the quilt? I can see the design on the border in the postcard too. Fantastic idea. Great job Lin! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. ;^)

  3. A brilliant way to remember your vacation. your memory quilt looks beautiful.

  4. What a treasure that postcard is with all the quilt inspiration, and it looks like you still have it! Or at least a picture of it. Your interpretation of the rug as a quilt and the quilting are wonderful. Did you give it away? Sell it? I'm glad you took a picture to remember it.

  5. What a cool story, and an excellent way to remember a trip. I can see why you saw patchwork in the weaves - it's really great! Thanks for sharing!

  6. what a lovely idea... great quilt too with memories

  7. How cool that you made it from the inspiration of the postcard. It looks great!

  8. Wow ! Lin your quilt is totally amazing. Love the colours you used very effective. X:)

  9. This is awesome! What a great souvenir from your trip!

  10. Great post and love your fabric combo.

  11. Isn't it amazing the places one can find quilt inspiration! I'm very impressed at how you captured the colours and style of what you saw. Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  12. That sounds like an interesting vacation and I love the rugs, they are so striking and colorful. That's a great quilt and I'm amazed when I read that you hand pieced it! You are one patient person :-) Thanks for sharing this with us.


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