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Sunday 22 May 2016


I write this in haste as I have only just got my computer back from being updated to Windows 10 (so far so good, thanks mainly to our local computer whizz who has set most things up as they were before!) and we have guests arriving tomorrow and I want to catch the deadline on CTTY.
So here we go.

Many thanks Wendy for having us round again - good to be sewing with friends. Don't forget to go and vist Wendy to see what everyone was doing on Friday.

My next big UFO to finish this year is my Four Seasons crazy hanging and to do that I needed some fabric for sashing and bordering the blocks. I knew I wanted velvet and so having a large quantity of white velvet in my stash it was time to get my dye out. I bought a pot of olive procion dye powder a while ago in preparation and so as it was a nice afternoon out came my bucket and dye was mixed and used outside.
Here is the result which I am very pleased with - lots of nice subtle variations which is the look I am aiming for by not stirring the fabric about too much.

While I had my dyes out I remembered another UFO languishing in the cupboard. This bag was made a couple of years ago and then I didn't like the colour of the handles! And there was only the lining to add and it would have been finished.

Five minutes with the unpicker and the handles were free - why had I not done this before!!
The handles have now been redyed so watch this space for an update, hopefully on the finished bag.

The trouble with dying is that one thing leads to another and so another piece of velvet and some threads and lace were treated with some marine violet and lemon dye - I am very pleased with the results.

So next on my list while the fabrics were soaking in their dyes were these two heat bags which just needed machining together as I had finished appliqueing the hexagon flowers.

I have used the Anni Downs pattern which is like a pillow case so that the bag of wheat inside can be removed to allow the outer to be washed. Brilliant idea I thought. They have not got their wheat bags yet but as they are going in my Christmas present box they can be filled later and in the mean time take less space.  And so this is why I am linking with Anthea and Christmas Through the Year!

Thank you Anthea.

Have a great week.


  1. Oh my goodness that bag is so gorgeous - everything you touch is golden! Love your heat bags too.

  2. Great projects and love your dye color on your laces.I only dye lace with tea and didn´t love it very much.

  3. Love the results of the dyeing. The colours shine.

  4. The dye fabric and lace is just gorgeous. Fun when you get splendid surprises like that. I'll watch for an update of the beautiful bag. ;^)

  5. Hello Lin, it is always a joy to visit your blog.
    Love your dyeing, beautiful lace and fabric. Your heat bags look great, and yes, brilliant idea making like pillow case. I fill my heat bags with rice, but I guess wheat is also good, I have never tried that. hmm
    Looking forward seeing what you do to that gorgeous bag.

  6. Wow Lin, you've been dying up a storm there! Love all the effects, how clever.
    Thanks for linking to CTTY x

  7. Gorgeous bags and great idea about being able to remove the wheat. Love the dyed velvet and lace, especially with the yellow added.

  8. I can't wait to see how those handles look now, the bag is gorgeous, such a shame not to have finished it but fingers crossed there's another finished WIP on the horizon for you :D - Chris


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