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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Another week..

..has gone by. It has been hot and dry here so I have started my annual round of quilt and cushion cover washing! Having washed and dried this cushion cover

I decided that the time had come to replace it as it was getting just too frayed in places!

Lots of rubbed spots on some of the patches and the binding had worn away around the edges too.

Wanting to use some of my Scraptherapy squares I found just what I was looking for on the cover of the book.

The cushion cover uses 18 dark and 18 light 3.5" squares used to make 36 x 3" HST blocks. 2" squares are pressed diagonally in half and added when the squares are machined together.

The 2" squares make little pockets which I like but felt could easily catch on something or might not wash well so I decided to catch them down with the quilting.

So simple diagonal ditch quilting using 'invisible' thread which went across the middle of the triangle pockets where it met them. Itgave just enough puff to the cover to give it an interesting texture.

Very pleased with my new cushion cover.

Not sure why that block in the middle looks puckered - it certainly isn't in real life!

I am slowly preparing the applique flowers and leaves for my tablecloth

Long way to go yet though!

Have a great week.


  1. I can see why you are pleased with your new cushion cover, it looks fab, and good use of small scraps.
    Very wet day here, it gives us a break from watering :-)
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. Lin, I so LOVE your new cushion cover! The colors are so pleasing. Your first photo of the cushion shows that the center pieces lie nice and flat, so that is strange how that second photo of it looks puckered. It’s a fun piecing design.

  3. Your new cushion cover is as pretty as a picture, Lin and I am loving the plethora of leaves in all those pretty shades that you have dyed.

  4. Such a beautiful new cushion ...
    Lovely pieces ready to applique.

  5. Love that new cushion! Such lovely work.

  6. And a very pretty cushion cover it is! Scrappy makes my heart sing!

  7. Great new cushion cover. the old one looks well used and loved which is just as it should be.... lots of detail applique happening...

  8. What a great wee cushion cover. Great way to use up leftovers too.
    I read an article on FB about repairing well loved quilts, it was interesting,

  9. I love the new cover you made for your cushion. Your attention to the quilting pattern on the reverse is just another one of your talents! Looking forward to seeing your tablecloth finish.

  10. Hi Lin oh i sure do love your new cushion,it looks fantastic,well done on a beautiful finish my friend,stay safe and take care xx

  11. Wonderful new cushion Lin, that is an interesting pattern. Your applique bits look interesting.

  12. Your new cushion cover looks so beautiful Lin ... love the colours & the pattern.

  13. Your new cushion cover is beautiful....love it! Nice progress on your applique too. We are showery and cool here....nice for the garden xx

  14. That's a great success, and a good use of those scraps!

  15. Clever you! It looks lovely.

  16. Gorgeous cushion, and a great replacement.

  17. What a pretty cushion cover! Good idea about stitching down the little pockets. :-)
    You've inspired me as many of our cushion covers have been washed over and over, and the tropical sun fades things in hours, so I'll have a flick through some of my craft books for a few ideas this weekend.
    Have a blessed day Lin.

  18. Nice cushion. You always have such pretty things going!

  19. What a lovely cushion cover and great way to use up lots of scraps.

  20. Your new cushion is so pretty! Shame the old one frayed! I would have had trouble parting with it even if it was damaged!
    Barbara xx

  21. Lin, this pillow is so pretty! I love it. It's a nice twist on a traditional block.

  22. Wow! Just look at those cute little folded inserts in that pillow. It gives it texture. I bet a child would love to touch it too.

    It has been so hot here too!


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