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Saturday, 18 July 2020

FNSI for July

Thank you Wendy for hosting us again this month - you can see who else took part on Wendy's blog Sugarlane Designs.

First up, I have reverted to Legacy Blogger simply because of the labels system. On my last post I trawled the whole list of labels ticking boxes and then when I added a new label all my ticks disappeared. So annoying.

Earlier this week my fabric order arrived from UK which meant that I was able to add the sashing to my Red Manor House.

And also the border to my baskets.

Which means that on Friday I was working on the applique pieces that will go onto the border. I made a large quantity of bias strip to use as the stem. And then I started cutting out flowers and leaves.

Not good colour repro on that photo sadly.

The applique on the original design really stands out and I realised this was because zingy batik fabrics had been used.

So I went through my scrap box pulling out any batiks and my other fabric boxes and found that I had far more batiks than I thought! I am looking forward to seeing this come to life.

In other news, I finished the two string projects from last weeks scrap haul

And I worked on the applique for my autumn wall hanging.

It now needs a scattering of red berries and then I can add the border.

I have a pile of masks cut out in readiness for a delivery of elastic - but I think we have all seen enough pictures of masks to last for sometime!

So that was my week - hope you all had a good one and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone did for FNSI.


  1. Love the baskets with the scrappy diamonds! That's going to make a gorgeous quilt. Keep healthy and stitch on!

  2. WOW Lin, you have so much goodness going on in your sewing space! It all looks marvelous. Finishes are the best feeling aren’t they. Your machine loves its new mat. Looking forward to more fabulous finishes.

  3. That is a lot of lovely projects. You are getting a lot done. Love all the beautiful things. Thank you for the feast for my eyes.

  4. Wow Lin Love everything from the Red Manor Quilt to those gorgeous batik applique pieces. They are gorgeous and sort of look like pieces of stone ready to mount in jewelry pieces. I am really looking forward to seeing the border on your baskets table topper. So much creativeness you have in you. Love the applique.

  5. A great week, with much to be pleased about!

  6. Your projects are all looking good. Like you, I'm looking forward to seeing the batik applique taking form.
    Your string blocks are lovely, great wee mat.

  7. such lovely projects you are working on... fun when a fabric delivery you have been waiting for arrives....

  8. Wow! I am so impressed! Such lovely quilt tops.The Red Manor house and the baskets are absolutely amazing.

  9. Wonderful to see your ordered fabric arrived and you could get your borders on, both projects look wonderful, your batik border will look fantastic, looking forward to seeing it. Your autumn wall hanging looks wonderful, great pot holders from your strip blocks. A very productive week!!

  10. I love everything you are working on Lin. Its all just gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your autumn wall hanging as I would love to make one for myself for next autumn. Gorgeous colours!!

  11. Red Manor House is looking SO GOOD! I love sewing string blocks too. Have a great week!

  12. Manor House looks beautiful and your baskets will be too with lovely applique on the border. Love your Autumnal mini. I think we all feel the same about masks but so good to have them when you need them xx

  13. Red Manor House is looking great as well as all your other beautiful projects....

  14. So many colorful projects you have going! I can’t wait to see your appliqué borders. I had problems with labels on Blogger, too, then read somewhere that if you create a new label before you start a new post, the labels will all stay accessible. Don’t know if it still works that way, as they seem to be making changes daily. At the time I did it there was a little icon that looked like a luggage tag to click on to add the label.

  15. Your week seems to have been very productive, and your applique projects are all amazing. Love the string blocks too.

  16. Your Autumn applique is beautiful. Loving yout quilt and looking forward to seeing it finished.

  17. Goodness, you have been busy!
    Red Manor House looks gorgeous, lots of work there. I like the Autumn block too,

  18. oh I do love Red Manor House. Youve got lots of sewing done lately......catching up on posts.......

  19. Lovely work Lin!
    The tiny basket holding your threads is gorgeous. Did you make it to fit or was it a lucky coincidence?
    Hope you are keeping safe and well!
    Barbara xx


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