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Saturday, 11 July 2020

The week that was!

Another one has gone by so quickly. The temperature has gone up again and looks set to continue for the next 10 days at least. So back to gardening in the mornings and staying indoors in the afternoons. Lots of sewing that I can be doing of course and there is test cricket to watch! - summer is finally here.

Having gone as far as I can with my Red Manor BOM until my fabric order arrives, I turned to my flower basket tablecloth. When I left it I had made these diamonds to go into the flower baskets.

So I carefully cut out the pieces to make up the baskets and started putting them together. The Y seams went in like a dream so I was disappointed to find that nothing was quite square! The baskets are all together now as you can see here.

Unfortunately where the flower blocks meet there are a few points that are severely chopped, however there was nothing to be done about it so they will have to stay. This is now another project on the back burner until my fabric order arrives.

So what to do next? Well I suppose I could have got out one of my many UFO's but I didnt want a major project that I would have to put aside again when the fabric arrives. So after reading a couple of blog posts recently about organising scraps I decided to tackle my scrap box. Here it is pre sort - it is shoe box size.

I decided to sort it all into three piles - anything 2" square or larger, strips less than 2" and crumbs which went back into the box.

I decided to tackle the larger pieces first and spent an afternoon pressing and then cutting into Scrap Therapy squares to add to my collection. The squares are 2", 3.5" and 5". They work well together and I regularly dip into them when I am looking for something to make a border.

The next day I was side tracked as I came across a new pattern on Instagram called the #weeboxybasket. The pattern is available from @sweetcinnamonroses Laura Cunningham and comes in two sizes - the rectangle I made and a small square one that sits inside. The original pattern uses mesh for the pockets and although I have mesh I dont have any elastic for the top and anyway I find the mesh a bit annoying as things get caught in it!

This didnt take me very long - the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

It holds the machine threads and feet that I use most and sits neatly under the arm of my sewing machine when not in use.

So then it was back to the scraps and I wanted to tackle the strips. I pressed them and straightened those that needed it then sorted them into two colour groups - pink/purple/green and red/yellow/brown autmn colours.

I have used the pink collection to make 6 x 6" string blocks which are all ready for me to turn into a new sewing machine mat.

I think there are enough autumn strips for a couple of pot holders so they could be next.

Just time to show you a small piece of applique I have been working on in the evenings.

This is to be the centre of an autumn mini quilt. Before I go any further though - I am changing those end leaves for something larger!

Hope you have all had a good week - speak to you again soon.


  1. So much work, Lin. Wow. You kept yourself busy. Love your little basket. Thanks for sharing the link. I might attempt that one as I don't have a basket with little pockets. Very handy. Love the last picture too. Bigger leaves at the end of the branches is a good idea. Love the autumn feel. Very well done. ;^)

  2. Wow! You’ve had a busy, fun week being quite creative. I love the baskets-I’ve struggled with working with diamonds myself. I think that they look great! Organizing your scraps and then cutting them into usable squares sounds like a great idea.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Amazing! I’m impressed with all you are working on!

  4. I love the flower baskets !!! I should organize my scraps too and then maybe make something useful with them :)

  5. You have had a productive week Lin, love your baskets, I don't think the chopped points are obvious. Your basket is very pretty and useful, and your applique is lovely, great colours. Well done organising your scraps, that is something I need to do one day!!

  6. I'm with you on the points, sometimes we just have to let them go.
    How very organised you are with your scraps.
    You have been very busy.

  7. Gosh Lin - your basket tablecloth looks just stunning! I love it! Also really love the basket you made to hold your sewing bits & bobs. So handy & a perfect size. You have achieved heaps!

  8. The autumn mini quilt sounds interesting and the applique looks so lovely. I wouldn't be concerned about the points on the other quilt as I think you notice it more than anyone else. It looks so colourful and cheerful. You are quite productive cutting scraps.

  9. Gosh I can certainly understand that gardening in the morning and sewing in the afternoon....I usually go out and have my coffee and watch the birds in the morning but this morning was so humid I quickly came back in. I started to list some eBay items when the power went out....seems someone plowed into a power pole and shut off power for a couple of hours....nice nap time until power came back on....finished eBay listings and then decided to change a light fixture in my sewing room........all of a sudden the day was gone and it was time for a glass of wine........Love your baskets for your tablecloth and I had to look really close to find the points you were talking about........it is still lovely. The wee boxy basket is so sweet!

  10. You've got a lot done there - and such good use of the scraps!

  11. You are keeping busy Lin!
    They all look brilliant!
    If you hadn’t said about the problem with the diamonds I don’t think I would’ve spotted it!
    Well done!
    Barbara xx

  12. lots of lovely projects. I am guessing post is a bit slower than usual so there are delays and you need to keep sewing..... it is lovely having scraps sorted and I love the strip blocks you have done.... cute little bag too.... I also am not very impressed with that soft mesh...

  13. My goodness you got a lot done. I love your baskets, a stunning effect. Very sweet pouch for your threads too. Pretty applique x

  14. Sew many beautiful projects you are working on.
    Love the Baskets and don't think the points matter.
    Great way to sort scraps and I like the pretty stripped blocks.
    Lovely Autumn appliqué.

  15. Your baskets look lovely :-)
    Oh, and someone else is cutting up 2" squares, LOL,

  16. Hi Lin, your basket is so cute and you make it sound easy. I always admire when folks sew practical things. You are certainly keeping busy and productive. Your Red Manor quilt will certainly be a beauty. I need to get back to my scraps for some serious organization too. Happy Stitching from me!

  17. Hi Lin wow your flower baskets look fantastic,i love all your work,well done xx

  18. I can see how that cute little basket got you side tracked. It is so darn cute!

    THe basket quilt made my mouth gape wide open! I never saw any point mess ups. It is stunning!

  19. Lovely baskets what a great way to use up fabric, you have been very busy with organising your scraps..

  20. Love the diamonds, and you have certainly been working on a lot of projects, it must feel great.

  21. You are very organized with that cute basket sitting beside your sewing machine. I ought to do something like that. I'm currently using the little tub/basket from a cooler that bit the dust! Lol! Practical but certainly not pretty! Cute potholders and can't wait to see what you do with the applique!

  22. Gosh, so many lovely pretties you are working on. Yikes....Y seams, I never seem to be able to stitch these perfectly. Love those baskets of yours and the little basket you have made is a fabulous idea.


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