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Thursday 7 October 2021

As requested.....

 ...by a few ladies down under for whom it is elderflower time, here is my recipe for Elderflower Cordial.

25 heads of fresh elderflowers

1 litre of boiled water

2lbs sugar

3 large lemons

 Snip the flowers from the thicker stalks into a large bowl. Add the grated rind from all three lemons. Squeeze the lemons, then roughly chop the shells and add them too plus any collected juice.

Add the sugar to the water and stir until dissolved and then add to the bowl. Give it all a good stir, cover and leave for two days stirring occasionally and enjoying the delicious smell!

 Strain and bottle. Store in the fridge. 

Dilute to taste with still or, my favorite, fizzy water. A splash in fizzy white wine is also delicious.

If you have access to gooseberries then use some of the cordial to sweeten them for a pie or crumble


This recipe makes quite a lot - the quantity's are easily adjusted if you want to make a smaller amount or don't have the required number of elderflowers.


  1. My daughter makes it too, she always remembers to bring some over, it doesn't last very long... :-)

  2. I would add - really fresh, just open elderflowers. After a day or so they seem to develop a slightly musty aftertaste.


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