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Saturday 10 June 2023

Saturday catch up

 A lot of my sewing time this week has been spent on my new project. Some years ago now I purchased a copy of this pattern

I have always fancied making it up but have never done so because I had no idea what I would use it for - the sewing bag I have I love and am not about to change.

Anyway recently I saw several of the lovely bags shown on posts from Scrub Stitching which reminded me of the pattern and also at the same time, I realised I needed a new bag to hold all my knitting needles and knitting bits and bobs. Bingo. And then of course I had all those lovely Tilda fabrics that I won from FNSI

I was off! I spent an afternoon carefully cutting and fusing all ready for another afternoon at the sewing machine. Here are my linings with zips inserted

After I had corrected this little wobble! Whoops.

And this photo I love - everything was looking so perfect!

Another afternoon at the machine got the outer quilted and attached, and the bindings and final zip added. An evening stitching got the bindings sewn down - I am not a fan of machine stitching the bindings. Et voila!

I do love those peacocks! And inside, loads of room for everything.

I was very pleased with the pattern instructions - clear and easy to follow - everything went together perfectly.
However, I am not ecstatic about those 'ear handles' on the ends and if/when I make another I would do things differently.
Well, nice to have that one ticked off my list!

I have two more FJ embroideries completed - sorry, not pressed!

And my knitting is progressing.

We had a day out on Exmoor yesterday. After visiting friends for coffee we found a quiet spot to sit with our picnic. Lovely view across the valley

Look closely and you can see red deer

We drove on to visit the church at Stoke Pero. 

No sooner were we in the gate than the guardians raced up to check invaders!

Having passed muster we were allowed through the stable door and into the church.

No electricity in the church so lots of candles. There were two gas cylinders outside for the basic heating. The organ, on the left of the picture below, was powered by a foot pump.

Beautiful roof beams and carved bosses.

We have had another warm dry week here although it has just started to rain - fine drizzle which really wont help all that much. We have a busy week ahead - will update you next week with exciting (for me) news. Have a great week.


  1. oh your bag is lovely - I have seen those but far to scared to try something with so many zips! I love the little church and what a great idea to have some sheep there to keep the grass down. I love those very old buildings... beautifully done

  2. Well done on your Sew Together bag...we do end up with lots of bags, pouches etc and it is hard to use them all. I don't use my Sew Together bag normally - though I did recently take it to a class. What a lovely little church - and a gorgeous view.

  3. Hi Lin what a wonderful job you did of the bag I bought that pattern and haven’t used it yet lol.
    Love your pics,hope you have a lovely day my friend 🌹🤍🌹

  4. That bag you have made is absolutely beautiful Lin. I am not sure that inserting all those zips wouldn't do my head in a bit. You have made a wonderful job of it. 💙💜

  5. That's a great little travel sewing bag. My friends made ones for themselves and said they'd never sew another. Very confusing directions. I'm glad to hear you had a good time making yours easily. Very pretty in all the Tilda fabrics!

  6. I like your Sew Together Bag. Interesting pattern.

  7. Lin, you have piqued my curiosity with your exciting news. Love your bag. Such a fabulous design and the Tilda 'Chic Escape' fabrics are perfect. A glorious place in which to enjoy a picnic and the church is charming. Love that there is no electricity and that candles abound.

  8. Gorgeous fabrics! Love the bag. Charming little church. Thanks for the tour. I always love visiting places with you. Can't wait to know about your exciting news. ;^)

  9. Sewing on bindings by machine is so much faster that I've become a fan. You'll get better with practice. Your bag looks great.

  10. Well done with the bag Lin, it looks stunning! The church was great to have a look at also the guardians!

  11. I agree - the peacocks are stunning! It's so pleasing when the instructions for something that complex make it easy to make!

  12. Great work conquering that little bag, I'd give up before I started lol
    what an amazing church. Imagine if it could recount its' history.
    look forward to hearing your exciting news!

  13. The sew together bag is lovely! I'd like to make one someday but who knows when that will come? The church looks so interesting! Happy stitching!

  14. Lin, I just love my Diddles bag from Scrub Stitchin' and love yours too. I want to make some for my daughters, DIL, and grandy daughters before I forget how. Yours is wonderful! They do sew up pretty fast especially if you have a helpful Sylvia around.

    Also, thanks for sharing your church tour. I enjoyed reading about it and the "guardians".

  15. Gorgeous bags. What history there is in that lovely old church. Looking forward to reading out your exciting news.

  16. It is nice for you to be so close to Exmoor, nice pics.


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