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Friday 29 March 2024

End of March catch up

 I have been planning to post all week but there was always another stitch to make! And there was the week gone, just like the month really, cant believe how quickly it has gone.

So my purple Stitch Journal page is almost complete.

Each little box has been outlined using a different method or thread combination of couching. Lots of what if's  here and some have worked better than others. I will post some close ups when it is finished. I have been using small bits of precious threads - some silk or linen - in the last box rather than throw away and am planning an Easter egg to work on the top of them. Then looking forward to next months colour - and circles!

Another pair of Winwick Mum basic socks were finished this week.

The yarn for these was called Robin.

I have made a start on quilting the first borders of Wings and Pretty Things using a simple feather design.

I have not made as much progress on this as I had hoped, mainly because a distraction arrived in the post.

Raewyn sent me this delightful little pattern and, bliss oh bliss, some gorgeous blue Cottage Garden thread to work it in. Thank you Raewyn. And so of course I got started and couldn't put it down - until I had to wait for the measuring tape tape to arrive that is.

So delighted with this little set - I even ordered a new pair of scissors! and made the scissor pouch a little larger to accommodate them. Am now waiting for some press studs to arrive as I have been unable to track down my tin full. No doubt they will turn up in a day or so when I am looking for something else. Otherwise it is all complete. Now I am going to crack on with the quilting.

We are well into 'April' showers here with torrential downfalls one minute and blazing sunshine the next!

But did manage to pick a dry day last week for a trip out to a National Trust property. Lytes Cary Manor
which was a first for me. What a delightful house with lots of beautiful wood paneling. I didnt take any pictures inside but nicked this one of a beautiful stumpwork mirror frame from the NT web site.

The bottom third of the stumpwork was worked in the 1660's the rest in the early 20th century. Lots of beautiful details including Kings Charles and Queen Henrietta in the original section and Lytes Cary Manor in the top section.

The gardens were looking good and the gardeners were busy moving a huge heap of compost from the front of the house to the gardens. Here are a few of my favourite pics.

That is all from me for now. Wishing you all a very Happy Easter - and of course chocolate!


  1. Your stitch journal is stunning! So many pretty stitches. The socks look comfy. Raewyn gave you a lovely gift and your finishing is perfect. Lytes Cary Manor looks like a nice place to visit. The gardens are beautiful. Happy Easter!!

  2. So many creative projects! I always enjoying seeing your monthly stitchery, each month is so different. The pin and scissors keep are very cute, they'll making your stitching enjoyable. Those socks looks so comfortable and warm. I know spring is on the way but my heavy socks and long johns are still in use every day. I enjoyed the pictures of the gardens. I think I'm going to try planting hyacinth bulbs in a pots to bloom next spring. I think they're a pretty flower but I find the scent overpowering inside the house. Have a blessed Easter!

  3. Such pretty fabrics in your Wings and Pretty Things quilt, Lin. Your quilting enhances it beautifully. A sweet gift Raewyn gifted you. So many National Trust properties you have to visit. Amazing to see such treasures and beautiful grounds.

  4. All your new creations are beautiful Lin & I adore that wee set that Raewyn sent you the pattern for. Just delightful. Love the way you are quilting the feathers on Wings. Wishing you a lovely Easter Lin x0x

  5. beautiful work on your stitchery journal! lovely new sewing set. very pretty.
    What an amazing house, I feel that I have seen it in a movie before or perhaps it was a documentary about it. Must google to find out.
    Enjoy your quilting. I am waiting till winter to work on two quilts needing hand quilting.

  6. Your feathers look wonderful Lin, lovely set Raewyn sent you the pattern for, the blue thread is pretty. The purple stitches are great to, a productive month.

  7. Beautiful works.
    Today for Easter Saturday we get 20 degrees - what luck :-)) Of course it won't stay that warm, but we'll enjoy it today.
    I wish you a happy Easter, dear Lin.

  8. Thank you for the lovely flower pictures. We are a bit behind you on spring.In my experience, the missing items will turn up when you go to put the replacements away.

  9. A lovely little set to distract you and a great outing too... so nice to see the flowers.... The quilting looks so good...

  10. This was such an enjoyable post for me, Lin. Chooky's pin and scissor keep looks familiar. I have the pattern but haven't even begun stitching or even tracing, and I've had it a year.
    Lytes Carey Manor is GORGEOUS as are its gardens. I would love to see it some day. I will be looking it up.

  11. So much joy and beauty in one page. Love the purple stitches and the blooms are just so perfect for Spring.

  12. Lovely little Chooky set ...mine is here....somewhere. maybe a one day project!
    A gorgeous building & grounds.....already looking spring like!
    I've enjoyed watching the purple stitching happening......yellow will be interesting.

  13. That does look like a delightful little set, and a lovely day out!

  14. Your work looks lovely :-)


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