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Saturday 20 June 2020


Many thanks Wendy for hosting our Friday night get together - you can see who took part on Wendy's blog here

I started off after lunch with some drawing - back to pomegranates but this time in colour.

The yellow in the background is a little more golden than shows on my picture and I worked with coloured pencils. Today I started on another pomegranate on the oposite page using water soluble pencils. Still needs more work yet before I let loose with the water!

Anyway, after my play with colours we went off to meet a friend who had transported some things for me from UK earlier in the year. This was the first time we had been able to meet up since then. They were things that came from my parents house after they died last summer, the main thing being this sewing box that my Dad made for Mum about 30/40 years ago - maybe more.

Inside there are three removeable trays - perfectly sized for storing reels of Sylko sewing cotton - and a nice deep storage space underneath.

There were plenty of reels of thread left in the box - I do love reading the names of the colours on those old reels.

Having completed my two flower pots for the week, I allowed myself on Thursday a new project and I had put together some fabrics for a square of crazy quilting - yes, I couldnt resist making a start on a crazy biscornu!

It was good to have my completed pitncushion to hand when I worked out where to concentrate my stitching. The four corners of the top come down to form the sides and therefore wont have any pins in. So they will be focal points. The top four points of the finished pincushion are the centre points of each side - so that is where I shall put my beaded tassels. The four corners of the base will be very visible so I made sure that the fabric I chose works really well with the colours of the top. Whew - hope you got all that lol!
Anyway, yesterday evening I made a start on two of the corners.

I was really pleased with how these roses turned out.

Not a huge ammount done over the evening - the trouble is I pick up my crazy quilting book for a quick flick to pick up ideas and end up spending ages looking at all the gorgeous pictures!

Hope every one else had a good evening. See you soon - I have to try out the dreaded new blogger!!


  1. Greetings from Sri Lanka!
    Those were marvellous photos you took!
    If you like please visit my blog:

  2. I love your page banner with all your beautiful pincushions. I also envy you ability to paint and draw. I can do it a bit but I am fraught with anxiety when I do. The sewing box your father made is lovely. Show use the inside too. I would like to see the old thread.

  3. love the dimension you are getting with your drawing.... those pomegranates look good enough to eat!! You are so clever with your crazy patch and those roses are amazing.... how wonderful to have your mums sewing box with you now...

  4. Such gorgeous colour detail in your pomegranates. Love, too, your new crazy biscornu; such pretty colours. The sewing box your dad crafted for your mum all those years is truly beautiful. How wonderful it is now in your care. I know exactly what you mean when you open a book where every page is filled with exquisite photos and details.....one can get lost in all the beauty.

  5. Hi Lin love the colours you have used for your promegranates and your design for your crazy biscornu is looking fantastic I love those cute flowers ,well done on all your beautiful work Lin,happy Sunday my friend xx

  6. Beautiful drawing Lin and your crazy pincushion is going to be beautiful. It is very special to have the sewing box with you. It is very easy to have time go by when you dip into a book like you are describing.

  7. Your drawings are fabulous. How wonderful to have you Mum's sewing box. A lovely treasure. Love your crazy patch. Hugs, xx

  8. Wow. This is going to be very pretty.
    I love Biscornu and look forward to progress reports and a finished piece.

  9. Can't wait to see your progress photos. Pretty colours...

  10. What a special treasure Lin - to have your Mum's sewing box. I am sure it will hold some wonderful memories for you. Look forward to seeing the new biscornu when its finished.

  11. Oh how wonderful to have the special sewing box your Dad made and Mum used....
    Look forward to seeing your crazy patch project grow.

  12. Your post today is a real treat. The sewing box is fabulous! I love the pin cushion header and your new crazy quilt piece is gorgeous!

  13. Lovely work, Lin, as always. I haven't had too hard a time adjusting to the New Blogger. My only complaint (such that it is) would be there is quite the delay when uploading pictures. Not too much of a complaint though. The hardest part is finding where to start a new post. HINT: Check out the PLUS sign in the bottom right corner.

  14. I also lose hours when I go looking for stitch ideas. Occupational hazard, I think!

  15. I'm sure there are a lot of lovely memories in the sewing box, lovely to have it with you now.
    Loving the crazy patch - so pretty - and great pincushion in your blog header.

  16. Your Pomegranates look great Lin.....warning be careful those pencils are addictive lol! What a treasure to have your Mums sewing caddy and made by your Dad as well...Wow! It will be well loved by you I am sure.
    Love your new crazy patch....the rose are so delicate...Well done x

  17. A lovely busy day Lin - how lovely it is that you have the special sewing box that your Dad made for your mother. Your crazy sewing Biscornu pincuchion is shaping really nicely - it's going to be quite beautiful I think :-) Love your latest blogheader too! Oh and great drawing too - It will be interesting to see how the pomegranite changes once you add the water!

  18. How amazing that your dad made that sewing box! And it's so lovely you are now reunited with it. The crazy quilting biscournu looks great - I love the colours x


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