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Wednesday 24 June 2020

WIP's and trialing the new blogger!

Well so far so good - now to add a picture

That was easy but how do I get back to the left hand side of the page?

Anyway, I think I have done as much as I can to my piece of crazy so the next stage is to machine it to the pincushion base. Then I will be able to add the beaded tassels and put a spider on the web.

So I just found left alignment in 'other options', thats good.

I have finished working on my pomegranates page in my sketchbook. The one on the left is with water soluble pencils which I have washed with water. The one on the right normal colouring pencils.

The photographic reproduction is not as good as I would like - the whole page glows a much more golden yellow.

Now, I wonder if I have added any labels - cant see anywhere to save. But having found preview I can see that my labels are there so that is fine.

OK, I shall publish and wait to see if any comments come through as that seems to be the problem most people have had.

See you next time


  1. Tried it for a day. Found two glitches, reported them, and went back to legacy Blogger. I checked the other day. Still not fixed.
    Good luck.

  2. I seem to be doing okay with the new Blogger but it's early days and we all know that Blogger has issues every time it changes something.

    Love your CQ piece and can't wait to see the finished project. Love your pomegranate sketch too :)

  3. Loving your CQ pincushion!

  4. Gorgeous CQ.
    Why do they need to make changes? I like it the way it is.

  5. I tried the new format a couple of weeks ago and did not enjoy how the pictures went in. Hopefully that's improved now! Beautiful stitching and drawing x

  6. I couldnt understand why people were worried about the new blogger, until I realised I had been using it for ages anyway! haha... I don't think it is too much different once you have found the right tags....
    Your pomegranates look wonderful, I had tea with a few friends the other day and most of them had never tried eating pomegranate.... I will have to get one to take next time we are together... crazy patch is coming together beautifully

  7. Lovely embroidery as always. You are so talented.
    To get your text back to the left after adding a picture, do a return (enter) and click on the left align icon (4th one from the smiley). The photos might be added to the left also. It all depends on where your cursor is when you upload. We will learn and in six months, we will all be comfortable with the new blogger. Take care. ;^)

  8. Your embroidery is exquisite, Lin. As for Blogger, I had a few problems, but I just keep muddling my way around. As with everything, I am thinking we will all get used to it and in a little while we won't even think about the old Blogger legacy interface.

  9. Love your crazy work, exquisite!

  10. Your Crazy work is beautiful, as is your art work. Hope the comments are coming through ok.

  11. Hi Lin,
    I used the new blogger for my PPPP post. Didn’t like it. Changed back to Legacy!
    Like you I couldn’t return to left align, and wasn’t sure about labelling.
    I tried again with new Blogger from my iPad but couldn’t upload photos - I thought the idea was that it would be easier from our mobile gadgets! Oh well, back to trying it out!
    Love your Pomegranate, especially the left picture! Pomegranates are very healthy so we have eaten fresh and dried in our quest for healthy food. I bought the dried for an Asian recipe - can’t even remember if we liked it now!
    Stay safe, keep well!
    Barbara xx

  12. Heck, I didn’t even know we had a new blogger! Hmmm. Your new crazy embroidery is wonderful. I love the array of pinks. The pomegranates look great. I love the water color pencil one. I love eating them too. What a delicious sticky mess of it. My grandmother had a tree in her yard. We’d sit out there and have our fill as kids.

  13. I did try the New Blogger ages ago and went back to the Legacy...

  14. It all seems to have worked beautifully. As has your embroidery!

  15. Hi Lin i love your crazy patchwork your pin cushion will be stunning,well done also on your beautiful art work,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  16. Love the colours of your crazy patchwork piece, beautiful embroidery.

  17. The crazy piece is just stunning. I am in awe of sewists who can embroider with such precision. And both pomegranates are lovely but I think the one on the left has better detail.


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