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Saturday 27 May 2023

Catching up

 Some how it has  been a couple of weeks since my last post so time for a catch up. But first I need to welcome new readers of my blog, I seem to have crept over the 100 mark without noticing! So thank you for joining me.

So first up Field Journal. I finished one more little embroidery

and got all four made up into their hexagons.

The next four are prepped and stitching has begun - picture next week I hope.

My knitting however has progressed significantly.

As I am working in random stripes (winging it!) I thought it might be safer to work front and back at the same time. It grows quickly whilst watching TV and I even managed a few rows during a lovely zoom chat with Chooky and friends this morning.

I have started embroidering onto the boro panel I made earlier in the year and hope to have something to show next time.

We spent a couple of nights with friends in London last week and I enjoyed a lovely walk through Bushy Park to Hampton Court. This is along the the mile long Chestnut Walk.

The Horse Chestnuts were all in flower and looking splendid.

We saw a few deer but the main herd must have been off somewhere else in the park - it is large!

Didn't really have time to look around the house - for the price they charge you need to be there all day! But got a few shots of the front entrance.

It was a bit overcast that day but since we have been home the weather has been glorious. We have been enjoying time in the garden and planting out Philips seedlings. After the wet winter, the sunshine is giving everything a spurt of growth.

Have a great week everyone and I'll see you at FNWF's


  1. What a lovely walk you took, Lin. I also enjoyed the photos of London.
    Hexies with embroidery in the middle - STUNNING!

  2. Lovely walk around Hampton Court - and your garden is looking lovely - it looks like bees should be visiting you? Did I tell you I am going to do the same hexagons with my field journal? I need to start cutting backgrounds and wadding and getting some ready for stitching....

  3. Your hexies look wonderful Lin. I love the photos of the walk you went on - & especially love the old building .... looks too big for a house!!! Your garden is looking very pretty now. xx

  4. Beautiful stitcheries Lin. Your flowers are lovely, so good to see spring happening as we head for winter. I also enjoyed your London photos.

  5. Love your stitches in hexagons. So beautiful! Nice tour of the park. Thanks for sharing with us. ;^)

  6. The UK has gorgeous architecture and gardens everywhere, it seems. Your 'winging it' on your knitting is looking wonderful. Such pretty yarn colours. Love your embroideries on the hexies. How pretty they are, Lin.

  7. Lovely to see you on Zoom - the photos of London & the park are gorgeous - so lush & green. Progressing well on your flower garden - they look great as hexagons.

  8. Wonderful to see your blooms, in your hexies and in your garden! 🌸

  9. I always enjoy your posts. The walk looks lovely and the deer eating from the tree in the photo looks amazing. Speaking of amazing, so are your hexies.

  10. That looks like a lovely walk, and your garden looks abundantly full of life!

  11. Hi Lin lovely post what a lovely place to visit ,well done on your beadwork 🌹🤍🌹

  12. It looks like a really interesting and beautiful visit to Hampton Court....and your own garden is looking beautiful too. Gorgeous colours in your jersey - winging it seems to be working well for you. Your FJ hexies are lovely - a nice way to finish them. It was lovely to meet you on zoom :-)


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