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Saturday 8 June 2024

FNwFs June

 Well, summer put in an appearance for a weekend but has been AWOL ever since! It has been a chilly, windy week although warm when the sun briefly shines!

Friday was just that sort of day. We drove up to Weston-super-Mare to see some friends and after a pub lunch we went on to the Barley Wood Walled Garden for a wander and some coffee. And what a delightful place it was too. You can read the history of the garden here and lovely to see that it has come full circle back to it's original state. My photographs do not do it justice but here we go.

This is the central path running down to the bottom of the garden with lovely wide flower borders on either side, which were stunning and full of colour.


On either side of those hedges are large vegetable gardens.

The next photograph is taken from the arch you can see in the picture above.

with more vegetable growing and an apple orachrd. There are apple trees espaliered around all the walls and any spare space. All are labelled and they are used for cider.

Through the next arch are more flower beds for cutting, two old railway carriages which have been converted to a cafe and some artists workshops. Only one workshop was open - this one - with some beautiful pottery to admire.

By the car park there is a van full of vegetables from the garden with an honesty box, which was lovely to see. Well worth a visit and I hope we get back there sometime.

So not much time to sew but I did get my Stitch Journal done for the day. In blue now of course as we are in to June and long, narrow channels to fill in this month.

In other blue news, I have started work on my RSC log cabins for the month. One down. First I embroidered this lovely little teapot picture from Jennifer, perfect for blue as I love blue and white china.

Now made up into a log cabin. Two more log cabins to go which I hope to finish this weekend.

Also making a reappearance are my Field Journal embroideries. These two have been completed this week.

Such a lot of work in the red one! Good to have it out of the way finally as I started it months ago.

Well, I think that is quite enough for one post. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else did yesterday and many thanks to Cheryll for getting us all together for another Friday Night. See you next week.


  1. gardens always look so beautiful - I wish I could do mine even larger and have it set up like some of those with a bench and arbor also

  2. Your have several lovely projects in progress, happy stitching!

  3. I love seeing you Field Journal pieces. The teapot block is delightful.

  4. So much loveliness in this post, Lin! Can you share the name of the flowers stitched in your field journal? Also, are summers in England similar to those when you lived in France?
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. That looks such a lovely garden to visit Lin. I hope you get some sunshine soon. Your work is always so beautiful & your embroidery is just exquisite. Every time I see the blocks from Jennifer I think I must get onto mine. Wishing you a great week xx

  6. Great to get to walk in a beautiful garden, my daughter was complaining about how little summer weather there has been..... love the stitching - yes the red one has a lot of work but it is so effective... I love your log cabins...

  7. Such a beautiful garden in which to wander. All your embroideries are gorgeous, Lin. The blue embroidered teapot surrounded by those pretty fabrics in the log cabin is sweet.

  8. Your stitching projects are always so pretty.

  9. sounds like a lovely outing, such beautiful gardens.
    Your embroideries are stunning, love that first one it is so pretty.
    very sweet little log cabin blocks too,

  10. That looks like a beautiful garden to go and visit, love a stall and honesty box! I grew up seeing them in NZ but do not see them much here. Beautiful embroideries Lin.

  11. Any lush green garden is gorgeous! Love how you are doing your blue stitchery...and a perfect tea post.

  12. What a beautiful garden. Thanks for the links Lin... I would like to take a pottery course or work with brushes and paints. And drinking coffee there was definitely particularly nice.
    You did beautiful embroidery again.
    I hope you have fun with your needle and thread.
    A hug from Viola

  13. That garden looks really lovely - thank you for taking us on a visit!

  14. What a lovely way to spend the day. I could just reach into the screen and pick those gorgeous flower embroideries.

  15. Your stitches are so inspiring!!!
    The gardens are gorgeous!!


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