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Friday 14 June 2024


 ...and that is all I have to say about the weather.

It's been a busy week. Two curtains have been shortened - but that is boring and you don't want to know!

I finished my RSC log cabins and they have been safely stored away.

I finished the second of the Rum Paradise socks and they too have been safely stored away waiting for the recipients birthday.

I do love these and may need to knit another pair for my man. I have started on the second of the easy lace socks I was working on earlier in the year and put aside for the commissions. No photo as I have only just passed the cuff so nothing much to see.

Another Field Journal embroidery is complete - another one with a lot of stitches! Love it though.

And this is goodbye to the lovely fine white linen sheet that I bought for £5 many years ago and have used for all of these blocks so far and lots of other projects too. The next blocks will be marked up on a white linen (I think) pillowcase that I found in a local junk recycling store.

Last but not least my stitch journal - I know it looks a bit wobbly/not square but it needs a good press!

So that's my update, back next week and I hope you all have a good week.


  1. Sorry you're having nasty weather but it it does make staying inside and doing handwork more enjoyable! Happy stitching!

  2. I love the blue fabrics in your log cabin blocks. The socks will be a nice gift. And you already know I admire your beautiful embroidery. I hope your weather improves soon.

  3. A shame about your summer weather and I hope it improves soon. The socks are stunning - they will make a colourful fun wear!

  4. The weather is grim here also....wet, wet and more wet. Good hiding away in the sewing room weather. Love those socks. They look a good length. Pretty blue blocks and more gorgeous stitcheries.

  5. Lots of lovely progress in this post Lin - sorry to read about your weather & hope it improves. Love the blues in that stitch journal block. Your header is really stunning too! xx

  6. Sorry for your bad weather - I'm sure it will improve...eventually.
    Love the sock - the colours are fabulous.
    I think you got your moneys worth out of that sheet! Lovely work on everything.

  7. Your RSC log cabines are wonderful, Lin. I love the coffee pot :-))
    Yes, and self-knitted socks are simply unbeatable... well made. Your husband will also be happy if he can wear.
    My whole family is equipped with socks I knit myself... and they love them - the socks.
    Great embroidery :-) you are so good, Lin.
    Hug Viola

  8. I've enjoyed reading all your earlier post , lots of lovely work on both your Pink and Blue RSC blocks as well as the FJ stitcheries. Cute bag you made for your phone with the new fabrics and you also went on a nice outing ..
    Love the new header too !

  9. We had pretty much the same week, weather wise. We have sunshine this morning, so, I hope you do too. The embroidery block is stunning. You stitched on top of stitches !! WOW! I'm so impressed by the straightness of those top stitches done on the bumpy stitches under. You have the touch! Enjoy! ;^)

  10. The field journal blocks are always so interesting. Love the fern. It's good to find and use from op shops.

  11. I saw on the news last evening the temperatures you are having and thought that was a little chilly for summer! You should be basking in summer sunshine. =) LOVE those blue blocks, and your embroidery is gorgeous, as usual. Cute socks!

  12. Yes, the weather has been distinctly grim. Multiple layers including borrowing my husband's lined hoodie!

  13. Once again, your stitching is so beautiful, Lin. I also really like your log cabin blocks.

  14. Your Field Journal block is gorgeous!!!!

  15. Summer is being elusive over there.... but you are making great crafty progress - how great are those socks. I loved that fern block ... and so many blue stitches in that piece.


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