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mardi 22 avril 2014

A Crazy Embroidered Bag

A few weeks ago my friend Chris the UK City Crafter, posted about some gorgeous little bags that she had made. See her post here.

I commented that the bags would be lovely made of Crazy Patchwork - of course, back came the challenge!

Having already had a vague idea at the back of my mind I was quick to pick up the challenge.

This pack of deliciousness

had been sitting in my stash for a while - too good to use!!

There were five 10"squaresof silk in a pack from The Silk Route who always have a lovely stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show.

I chose four of the pieces and cut out four eleongated hexagons to embroider onto and four larger ones for backing.

I am sure that I took pictures of each of the four embroidered panels but I can not find them anywhere so now we jump to pictures of the finished, almost, bag.

I used the leftover pieces of silk to make a rouleaux for the ties.

In her post, Chris mentioned that she had found it tricky matching up the edges on the base of the bag. As I could see that I might also have a problem I decided to join the hexagons together with faggotting. As my original plan was to oversew the edges together and then embroider over the seams, using faggotting meant that I was doing both jobs in one go.

I do think that the base is crying out for an ornate beaded tassel so I shall be thinking about that while I am away over the next few weeks.

I have loved making this bag - more crazy to come soon.


14 commentaires:

marina a dit…

love both versions of this little bag. the embroidery on yours is gorgeous.
I would definitely go with the tassle too!

Judy a dit…

Wow, what lovely embroidery on your bag! That's neat that you found just the right use for your silk fabric.

Bev C a dit…

Hello Lin,

That silk bag is gorgeous. Always great to do a challenge. Have a lovely day.


Anthea a dit…

Hi Lin - oh wow these are simply gorgeous, your stitching is so lovely and the fabrics are very exotic-looking! Well Done, you well & truly met the challenge!! x

Sandra a dit…

That is absolutely beautiful.

Sheila a dit…

Lin , this simply a work of art , stunning ! Those fabrics are gorgeous along with your incredible stitching :-)

JennyPennyPoppy a dit…

Your crazy embroidered bag looks beautiful Lin! so nice that you had that great stash fabric to use too. All your stitching is lovely!!

ukcitycrafter a dit…

Lin you have most definitely flown with my challenge! Beautiful colours and embroidery - well done!


Susan a dit…

Hi Lin Oh My! your little bag is stunning. I think you certainly rose above the challenge and created an amazing Piece of work X:)

Karen a dit…

Very elegant Lin! I like the idea of tassels.

Cathy Daniel a dit…

Oh wow - so gorgeous. Your embroidery bits are so effective. xCathy

Paula a dit…

Oh my oh my, what a beautiful bag. You do so effective embroidery, I love it. Looking forward to see some more. Enjoy your stay in UK.

Fiona a dit…

that is so pretty....

Sunnybec a dit…

Love both your bags! x